WHO am I ?

My name is  Xin Jin. I graduated from HuNan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and studied in ShangHai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for one year to deepen my knowledge.
As a qualified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist , I was trained in both China and U.K . I have been practicing over 10 years.
I also studied Tung’s Acupuncture with Dr Qiu YaChang  who set up Tung’s Acupuncture clinic in TianJin HeXi hospital.
My main Tung’s Acupuncture  theory was from Dr. Yang WeiJie who is legitimate disciple of Master Tung Ching-Chang, Liu DuZhou, and Zhu BoKun; The world’s leading authority in acupunture, Shang Han Lun and I-Ching respectively .
And continued to study Tung’ Acupuncture knowledge from Dr. Lai JingXiong , Hu WenZhi and Wang QuanMin  who are Master Tung Ching-Chang’s legitimate disciple as well.
I was born in a family with tradition of Chinese medicine .  My foundation knowledge of Chinese medicine  were from my mother and aunt since I was a young boy .
I have had a lot of acupuncture treatment for myself and my family, has been amazed how it works . Just like my children, one seven years boy and one four years girl, they knew how to treat sore throat, cough, upset stomach with single herb or single acupuncture point.
I am so proud of them !
Normally for chronic or acute pains, one or two needle get effects instantly.
Life could get better! Look forwards to seeing you !


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Robert has been practicing Reflexology since 2001. He studied Psychology and he is trained in different complementary therapies (i.e. Reiki and different Body Mind Therapies). His approach with patients of all ages is empathetic, non-judgemental and compassionate.

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